A Toast to “And Sons”

I recently listened to and savored the final episode of the And Sons podcast. I’ve listened to every one of the 242 episodes, and several of them many times over just to suck the marrow from the bone.

While obviously a major achievement for Sam and Blaine, it also signified something monumental for me as well. After the episode came to a sharp end, a barrage of questions quickly surfaced. Below are a few, and I hope you’ll join my sentiment as I reflect on the passing of a beautiful journey. And if you haven’t checked out the And Sons podcast before, I highly recommend you do so here.

How do you say goodbye to friends that you’ve never met, or lament memories you’ve never actually shared, and embrace those you’ve never actually held? 

What do you say when something you have cherished so deeply comes abruptly to an end? How do you explain such an authentic experience when even as the words escape your mouth it sounds like a mere illusion? How do you carry on into the day wondering if it actually happened, or indeed was just a dream? How do you share with others the culmination of something so significant to the soul, but so inconsequential to the world?

How do you explain to someone the joy-filled grief you feel when you turn the final page, finish the last sentence, and close the book reflectively looking at its front cover one last time?

How do you invite someone to begin a years-long sojourn that you’ve just completed? How do you take steps forward into the unknown as the companions you’ve walked with wave, “So Long!”, as they turn away?

How do the men in the arena, “marred by dust and sweat and blood”, bid farewell to each other as they leave the colosseum? How do they bear the weight of their reflections while surrounded by critics and cynics? 

How do you grieve the passing of one tale while simultaneously stepping into another? How does Charlie say goodbye to Snoopy? How does Frodo toast Sam? How does Sherlock honor Watson? And how does Calvin part with Hobbes? 

Surely they treasure the stories deeply in their hearts. Undoubtedly they step bravely into tomorrow. Absolutely they await the return of the King. 

Here’s to you, And Sons, and your undaunted courage. Bless you Sam and Blaine, as you step intrepidly into your callings. We, your listeners, your compadres and your comrades, leave you with this blessing:

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

And may you never walk alone.


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