To Be Known

I recently drove 1,000 miles through a biblical rainstorm just to hear someone say my name. See, unlike Brad Pitt, when I show up to most places they usually don’t know who I am. I know I am not alone in this cloak of anonymity. In primary school there was a roll call, and weContinue reading “To Be Known”

On 10 Years of Marriage

You can talk as much as you want about soaking in an ice bath, but there’s nothing quite like the dick-shriveling experience of actually doing it. Some things you just have to do in order to understand.  That’s what I wanted to tell the church when they asked us to mentor young engaged couples. BeingContinue reading “On 10 Years of Marriage”

One Year Later

Grief is like dorm room ramen– it comes in many different varieties, and it always sucks. Like cheap noodles, when grieving life feels cheap and bland, and you just muscle through it. Those who experience grief may be surprised by the range of emotions they feel: anger, convulsive sobbing, relief, cynicism. In my own experience,Continue reading “One Year Later”

A Beauty That Hurts

Have you ever witnessed something so profoundly beautiful that it actually wounds you? A holy moment so breathtaking that you want to simultaneously pause it forever, as well as fast forward through it, because it’s just simply too much to take in? These are the times where the boundary between Heaven and Earth seems toContinue reading “A Beauty That Hurts”

The Longing

We’ve all felt it. Or at least those of us open to the movements of our hearts have felt it. That deep, heavy ache that sits like a 500-pound gorilla on your soul. I call it, “The Longing”. I remember the first time I felt The Longing. I had recently finished college, which has aContinue reading “The Longing”

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