On 10 Years of Marriage

You can talk as much as you want about soaking in an ice bath, but there’s nothing quite like the dick-shriveling experience of actually doing it. Some things you just have to do in order to understand.  That’s what I wanted to tell the church when they asked us to mentor young engaged couples. BeingContinue reading “On 10 Years of Marriage”

A Toast to “And Sons”

I recently listened to and savored the final episode of the And Sons podcast. I’ve listened to every one of the 242 episodes, and several of them many times over just to suck the marrow from the bone. While obviously a major achievement for Sam and Blaine, it also signified something monumental for me asContinue reading “A Toast to “And Sons””

The Cause for Santa Claus

Every year, just like you and I, my children get older. And each year that passes they become smarter and more aware. And each year at Christmas the topic of Santa comes into play. Of course the songs about eight tiny reindeer and a certain amorous red-suited man kissing someone’s mother plays on the radio.Continue reading “The Cause for Santa Claus”

Tribute to the Bearded COVID Man

Here’s to you Mr. Bearded COVID Man. Yes, I’m talking to you with your coiffed mane and handlebar moustache. It’s taken years to cultivate, and now is martyred beneath a fabric cloth of heroism.  Here’s to you Mr. Bearded COVID Man, with chops sprawling out of a surgical mask. I see you scrambling to locateContinue reading “Tribute to the Bearded COVID Man”